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Call for Abstract:

  1. Abstract of original research, case report/series and systematic review are considered.
  2. Maximum 250 words.
  3. The abstract must be submittedin English. If accepted, the abstract must be presented in English.
  4. Adescriptive title, list ofauthors and institutions;
  5. An introduction/rationale to the study;
  6. The methods used;
  7. The results ofthe study;
  8. Conclusions ofthe study.ltis not recommended to state: "The results will be discussed."
  9. Abstract that not meet any ofthis criteria will not be accepted
  10. For case report abstract, we expect the case report abstracts must contain this following components:
    1. A descriptive title, list of authors and institutions;
    2. An introduction
    3. A description of the actual case report(s)
    4. A discussion of the novelty and importance of the case(s)
  11. Each abstract should have a distinctive hypothesis or include a unique methodology that is clearly differentiated from theother abstracts
  12. Person who submitting the abstract will automatically be the Presenting Author. The Presenting Author willbe listed first.
  13. The submitter (Presenting Author) is responsible for ensuring that all co-authors have agreed to be listed on the abstract and have knowledge of the abstract submission.
  14. Responsibility for accuracy rests with the Presenting Author.
  15. When using abbreviations, spell the fullname out on first mention and follow with the abbreviation in parentheses. Do not abbreviate compounds in the title ofthe abstract. Use ofunfamiliar abbreviations may be grounds for rejection unless definitions are supplied in the abstract.
  16. The PIPKRA Committee reserves the right to reject abstracts based not only onfulflling submission criteria, but also onrelative merit andthe special scheduling requirements ofthe PIPKRA
  17. All PIPKRA Committee decisions regarding abstract schedule and presentation format are final.
  18. Abstract submission deadline before January 14th, 2023